Wedding Cake Ceremony and History of the Wedding Cake 1stdance Wedding DJ

Wedding Cake Ceremony and History of the Wedding Cake Scotland. By 1stdance Wedding DJ Christopher Matthews

Wedding Cake Ceremony and History of the Wedding Cake.

An important part of the marriage ceremony is the wedding cake. According to old traditions, the wedding cake was made of wheat because wheat symbolized prosperity and fertility.

That’s why When I am the Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies I can offer more that photograph opportunity for the Cutting of the Cake, A Great passionate Wedding DJ will do his/her research into the Cutting History.
In Scotland the Wedding Cake is either cut before the Wedding Breakfast or Just before the evening Disco starts.

History of the Wedding Cake
Earlier, the wedding cake was thrown over the bride’s head as a fertility ritual. The wedding cake was introduced by the Romans, 1900 years back. The Romans baked small cakes of wheat for the marriage ceremony. It was a custom that the groom broke the cake over his bride’s head after eating a part of it. This ritual signified fortune, good health and many children for the couple. The guests would also take a bite of the cake to share the fortune of the couple. It is also believed that the breaking of the cake on the bride’s head signifies breaking of her virginity.
With the advent of time, it was no more possible to break the cake over the bride’s head owing to the increasing size of the cake. This old tradition vanished gradually.
According to tradition, the wedding cake should be white in colour. The colour white signifies purity. In the Victorian times, the white wedding cake appeared first. Nowadays, brides choose contemporary wedding cakes which generally match with the colour of their wedding gown.

Cutting the cake

Above is a Photograph of Myself and my wife Cutting the Cake at our Wedding in Lynnhurst Hotel, Johnstone, Renfrewshire, (Photo taken by Boyd Photography)

The Wedding Cake Ceremony

The wedding cake ceremony is a beautiful ritual of a wedding where the groom and bride perform the first task jointly as husband and wife. The first slice of the cake is cut by the bride with the assistance of the groom.
This task was originally assigned to the bride who should then distribute the slices of cake to all the guests present. However, with so many guests being invited to the wedding, it’s not feasible for the bride to distribute slices of the cake to each and every guest.
Unlike earlier days, now the size of the wedding cake is huge. Thus, it is not possible for the bride to cut the large wedding cake all alone. Therefore, the groom assists her in this ritual and together they cut the wedding cake. After cutting the cake, the couple feeds each other the first slice of the cake. This gesture symbolizes the deep mutual commitment that the groom and bride have for one another. The wedding cake ceremony is indeed very beautiful and romantic.
Nowadays the wedding cake is available in several colours, designs and icing. It is no more a simple white cake but a multi-tiered royal wedding cake. The wedding cake ceremony is definitely one of the best rituals of a wedding.

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