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DJ’s offering extra services – Mood lighting and Master of Ceremonies.

First of all, to everyone who got engaged on Christmas day, Congratulations and welcome into the world of Weddings.

I can honestly say I was the “first Wedding DJ in Scotland” that I know of to invest in myself with training on becoming a modern day Master of Ceremonies .

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Like most other DJs in Glasgow they jump on the Band Wagon, Claim to be the best, undercut on prices and cheapen their services, because they are desperate to secure the booking. Its Great that my closest trustworthy DJ friends has seen the light and decided to take this journey with me.

I take it as an underhanded compliment that they want to up their game and invest their hard earned money on improving their business and offering extra service’s.

I do not claim to be the best, nor do I think I am the best: what I do believe is that I offer a Service with flexibility and professionalism being the key factor to help create memories to last a life time. I will also add that in 2013 I was lucky enough to be nominated for a Vows Award, sadly it I never won this time around, but hopefully 2014 I will be nominated again.

I always try to stay positive, as I believe there is no room more room for negativity in my business, but when I hear of so called Professional Wedding DJ’s , who don’t have back up equipment, turn up late to gigs, Drinking whist being paid to entertain, bring their friends along and chat to them or the ultimate sin: logging into Facebook or Twitter and updating there statuses or even worse. Commenting about “hating Drunk people” Slagging a guests off or posting on Forums, whilst working.

Now I have had my rant, I am back to discuss my additional service/

Mood lighting also known as LED Up-lighting: I strategically place lighting around the room in any colour you choose (Usually the colour theme on your day) and this creates a lovely ambient atmosphere for when you and your guests return to the room.

For a more Personal and Unique Wedding, I offer a full day Master of Ceremonies Package, As your wedding reception host I can play customized music of your choice for your guests arriving, the Bride walking down the Isle, signing of the register, and walking up the Isle as man and wife. I can also assist your photographer by making announcements as to who is required next in the photographs. I will invite the bridal party into the room for the Wedding Breakfast, play suitable background music during your meal and announce the Cutting of the Cake. My service also includes the supply of microphones for the toasts & speeches if required finally, no wedding reception would be complete without a special introduction for the Bride and Bridegroom onto the dance floor for their first waltz as husband and wife.

I hope you found this Blog interesting and not to Negative, as I said I always try to stay positive.


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