Unprofessional DJ’s in 2013……….. Why?

Unprofessional Wedding  DJ’s in 2013……… Why?


I understand that there is many types of DJs, Nightclub DJs, Wedding DJs, Hobby DJs,  Function DJs, Pub DJs, Kids Entertainer DJs etc.

Why in 2013 do we have still have  DJs that act or preform in an unprofessional manner.

I often get calls from Hotel Managers or distraught brides on the night of their Wedding or function date, saying their DJ hasn’t turned up, can I get them a DJ ASAP.

This often resorts from the client booking the lowest priced DJ, without meeting them, signing a contract or communicating with the them. I do not blame the Client I blame the Dj who took the booking and not honouring their word, after all we all love the Best Price.

I am of the opinion that if your take the booking as the Dj, you do the Booking as the Dj…. There is too many Djs subcontracting  “GIGS” out and not caring who the Dj is, as long as the original Dj is make a cut from the money.

There is also a lot of Dj’s who think they are professional,  yet they do not even have back up equipment, they turn up to some ones  Wedding or Party in there family car (which wont be insured for business use) with one set of Speakers, a couple of Lights and a laptop,…………… What happens if the speakers blow, or Lights blow  or the laptop crashes during the 1stdance on the most important day of a Bride and Grooms life, What are they going to do?…. I do not think an apology will quite do the job…

Back up equipment is essential and with out it you are taking a great risk of ruining some ones once in a life time event.

With 1stdance, I am 1stdance, I do not hide behind a company name, I do not pretend to be bigger than I am, by having content on my website saying “WE” or “OUR. I am a solo operator,  If you book 1stdance, you will get Christopher Matthews as your Wedding entertainment.





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