Mar Hall 1stdance Wedding DJ near Glasgow

 Indie Music Wedding Reception at Mar Hall By Christopher Matthews 1stdance Wedding Dj


On Saturday the 26th October, I had the pleasure to being the Wedding DJ of Amy and Chris Bottomley.

Amy and Chris both stay in Chris’s home town of Sheffield, so I never got the chance to meet them, before their Wedding.

Amy contacted me via my website back in August 2012, we exchanged a few emails, then eventually spoke on the phone a few times,  Amy liked the  fact, that with you can create your own playlist from the first dance to the last song, you can create your own playlist.

Chris and Amy gave me an extensive play list for there even reception, with Indie being the Genre of their choice, they also instructed me, that although they were happy for requests to be taken on the night, as long as it stayed within their taste, they didn’t want any one Direction.

This wasn’t a traditional Wedding,  there was no father daughter dance, no tossing of the bouquet , garter routine, basically just the 1st dance then straight into the party,  This is why its essential for your Wedding Dj to be flexible and understand, that its there Bride and Grooms big day and they can have it, the way there want.

When I arrived in Mar Hall, the Speeches were  just about finished, Straight after that, The room would be turned around and the even guests would be arriving, I immediately went up to Chris and Amy introduced my self and put them at ease about there 1stdance, as they were a little nervous.

Everything was running on time in Mar Hall, so the 1stdance was on time. Chris and Amy’s 1stdance song choice for  “Milburn- Alarm Bells” then straight into  “The Killers- Mr Brightside” which immediately filled the dance floor.

It was a great night had by all and Id like to thank both Amy and Chris for allowing me to be there Wedding Disco entertainment.

Wedding Dj in Mar Hall, near Glasgow

Wedding Dj in Mar Hall, near Glasgow


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